Talent Show Trophy

Talent Show Trophy
A new Talent Show Winners trophy for 2012
Guide Price: £60 - £70
Availability: Commission
Wood: Sycamore and laburnum


6" x 10"
Reference TR132
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Description of work

A talent show is held at the end of each year. Although it has run for ten years, it is only in 2012 that a trophy was commisioned. The design is based on a microphone turned from laburnum, with its end ebonised (burnt using a blow-torch) and textured to resemble a microphone tip. This connects to a turned jack plug using a willow "wire". This is then mounted on a sycamore base - the lighter wood better shows the pyrography used to put the names of the winners on the base.

A small trophy is presented to the winner to keep. The 2012 winner was a young magician, hence the hat and wand.

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