Maths winners shield

Maths trophy
Maths shield with pentagonal annual shields attached
Guide Price: £50-£72
Availability: Commission
Wood: Sycamore
Size 12" diameter
Reference TR120
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Description of work

This is a perpetual shield which hangs in the foyer of Malton School. Each year winners are named in three age groups in the UK Maths Challenge, and these names are recorded on each of the small pentagons hovering over the surface of the main shield. The winners also receive individual trophies in the form of a maths puzzle to keep - see below. They are versions of the classic tangram puzzle - the seven pieces in the centre are a dissection of a square, and the pieces can be reassembled in hundreds of different ways. One of the vulture like figures is shown in the picture above.

Obviously there will come a time when the shield can take no more pentagons. Either an extension or a new shield will be made at that point.

This trophy is designed to hang on a wall. Similar designs that stand on plinths are shown below. Adding a plinth will add £12 to the cost. The point within the £50 - £60 price range depends on the amount of inscription required, and the level of detail in any badge or other picture to be pyrographed.

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