English Literature Trophy

English Literature trophy
English Literature Shield
Guide Price: £60 - £70
Availability: Commission
Wood: Olive ash and lime
Size 8" x 10"
Reference TR 242
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Description of work

This trophy was commissioned by a lady who sadly was in the latter stages of a battle with cancer. She wanted to give her school something that was "an appropriate way for me to take leave of a vocation I adored for twenty years."

Based on the English KS3 trophy shown below, Jo asked for the book to be larger,to take the inscription she wanted, indeed the whole trophy to be slightly larger. The result is a trophy about 8 inches high on a plinth about 8 inches in diameter.

Jo asked whether the trophy could be made in olive wood, being a timber she liked. I suggested olive ash as a more readliy available, less costly, and British hardwood. She was delighted with the result.

Jo also requested engraving plaques on the base. I do not do engraving or metal, and generally prefer customers to organise metal plates and engraving themsleves, but I did ask a local Trophy shop to fix four plates on the base for her, which they duly did. A photo is below. She also requested the addition of a small enamel badge that she provided, which can be seen on the photo below.

Price for a similar trophy, within the range suggested above, will depend on size, the amount of pyrography required, and any special features. The price range above does not include the engraving plates.

Pictures of other English trophies are available on a gallery page.

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