Goodwyn School Humanities Award

Humanities Trophy
Globe dagger and book reflecting geography, history and religion
Guide Price: £70 - £80
Availability: Commission
Wood: Spalted beech

6" dia

10" high

Reference TR116
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Description of work

A governor of Goodwyn School - a London preparatory school - contacted me with an interest in presenting a trophy for excellence in the humanities subjects - history, geography and religion/society. After an exchange of ideas via email, I came up with a globe, a sword and a book to represent the different elements. These are fixed to a round plinth, pyrographed with the school's name and the trophy's title: "Humanities Award". The sword is pyrographed with the caduceus, the symbol of Hermes (or Mercury), the messenger of the gods. It consists of two snakes entwined around a staff, and wings at the top.

The point within the range for the guide price for trophies similar to this one will obviously reflect the type of objects and level of detail required. And also the amount of pyrography.

The piece is finished to a high polish using tripoli wax followed by white diamond, then lastly carnauba wax.

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