Football Trophy

Football trophy
Top goalscorer of the year trophy for a football club in Derbyshire. (Winners name deliberately blurred out.)
Guide Price: £120
Availability: Commission
Wood: Sycamore, rosewood, olive ash

Size - ball


5" diameter
12" high

Reference TR195
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Description of work

This is a football trophy to be presented to the top goalscorer each season for a football team in Derbyshire. It is an example of how I can work with a customer on a design idea to produce something that meets with their approval, based on their initial thoughts, but is also makeable. Richard, who commissioned the trophy, sent me the drawing shown below, and with a few emails back and forwards we came up with this modified version, with which he was delighted.

The ball is 5 inches in diameter and is pyrographed sycamore, using the club fox badge. It rests on three rosewood stilts, on a triangular base made of olive ash (the centre of the ash trunk). Pyrographed ash plaques can be added annually to record the winners. On the photo I have blurred out the name for 2017 - in case he doesn't actually win! (The trophy was made before the season's end).

The price within the range suggested will depend on the amount of pyrography required (particularlythe football) . As seen in the photo this would be £85, as there is a lot of pyrography involved in creating the ball (12 pentagons, evenly spaced, at least 10 minutes each), and the struts and triangular base require careful organisation of angles and fitting together. Pyrographed plaques can be added each year at a nominal cost to cover making and postage - say £3. Costs could be cut by having a ball wiith no pentagonal pattern on, the base could be round instead of traingular, the struts could be replaced with a single stem .... there are many possibilities.

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