Man of the Match Trophy

Football trophy
A pyrographed champagne bottle trophy for a football club in Derbyshire.
Guide Price: £80 - £100
Availability: Commission
Wood: Rippled ash, olive ash

Size - bottle


4" diameter
12" high

Reference TR238
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Description of work

This is a football trophy to be presented to the player who wins man of the match most often each season, made for a football team in Derbyshire. Richard asked for a champagne bottle shape for the trophy. He also requested a flat surface to be able to add annual plaques, hence the stand for the bottle, which provides front and rear flat surfaces, hopefully for some years to come.

The bottle is 4 inches in diameter and is pyrographed rippled ash, using the club fox badge. The designs are based on Moet- Chandon champagne bottles. It rests on a stand made from a piece of olive ash, with the dark centre of the tree showing down one side (the olive ash part of the wood). On the other side the natural edge bark has been retained.

All parts have been sealed with cellulose sealer, then three coats of wax have been applied: first Tripoli wax, then white diamond, and finally carnauba wax, leaving a high sheen hard wearing finish.

The price within the range suggested will depend on the amount of pyrography required. As seen in the photo this would be £90, as there is a lot of pyrography involved on the bottle and stand. Pyrographed plaques can be added each year at a nominal cost to cover making and postage - say £3.

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