Flame trophies

6 flame awards in spalted beech
Guide Price: £25 - £30 (dependent on lettering required)
Availability: Commission
Wood: Spalted beech
Size 4" x 9"
Reference TR150
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Description of work

This batch of six flame trophies/awards were commissioned by LogsDirect - a solid fuel supplier based in Lancashire. They wanted something to reflect their area of work, to present to restaurants that they supply. . The spalted beech adds a flame-like pattern to the pieces.

The flames are actually turned, as well as cut to shape and carved, creating a convex profile as seen in the sideways-on picture below. Making a batch like this does reveal how varied spalted wood can be, both in patterning and in hardness and texture. Some of the most patterned wood is also the softest and most liable to tear when turning, but it does actually allow for good shaping. .

The trophies are all finished with three coats of wax - first Tripoli wax, then white diamond, and finally carnauba wax, which is buffed to a high sheen.

Some close ups and related work

Spalted acorn trophies
Two spalted beech acorn trophies


from LOGS DIRECT site

More detail

Spalted flame trophies
Six spalted beech flame trophies


Spalted beech

Flame trophy
Flame trophies turned to give a convex flame


Spalted beech