Individual trophy shields

Individual school trophies
Individual circular disc trophies
Guide Price: £20 - £25
Availability: Commission
Wood: Elm, oak
Size 4" to 7"
Reference TR106
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Description of work

These circular discs are to a now-standard design that has evolved over the years as a functional, effective shape for an individual trophy for students to keep. Winners details are pyrographed on to a flat circle, and an enamel badge is added to a flat centre, but the rest, including the rear and the circumference, are contoured with smooth curves. They fit in the hand well. The bottom of the disc is sanded off slightly to provide a flat surface on which to stand, eliminating the need for a separate stand.

The trophies are finished with three coats of wax - tripoli, white diamand and finally a hard carnauba wax which gives the wood a high sheen and a tough coat.

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