Spalding Town Cricket Club trophy

Cricket trophy for Spalding Town CC, with the town's coat of arms
Guide Price: £55 - £70
Availability: Commission
Wood: Ash, padauk
Size 6" x 9"
Reference TR152
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Description of work

This cricket trophy was turned for Spalding Twon Cricket Club. The base is turned from ash, with just a small amount of spalting in one area. The wickets and bails are turned from ash - as full size wickets are. The ball is paduak, an African hardwood, chosen for its reddish orange colouring. It is turned with a seam and stitching featuring.

The Spalding town coat of arms was transferred onto a small disc and placed on top using a computer generated decal transfer. The first time I have used this method, because the detail in the badge was too fine to render with painting or pyrography. The title on the base was pyrographed.

The whole trophy was finished with three coats of wax - Tripoli to start with, then white diamond, and finally carnauba wax, to give a hard wearing, high sheen finish.

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