Under 8s cricket trophy

Cricket ball trophy
Under 8s cricket trophy, 2016
Guide Price: £35 -£40
Availability: Commission
Wood: Padauk and spalted beech
Size 4" x 6"
Reference TR171
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Description of work

This cricket trophy was turned for a club in Cornwall, to present to their Under 8s. Cosequently it is a little more robust than the wickets version of the trphy - although the club did also order one of the wicket versions for its under 11s section.

The ball is turned from padauk, an exotic wood which has a good reddish hue for cricket balls. The seam is edged with a texturing tool. The base is spalted beech, and trhe two pieces are glued together to minimise potential droppages. The ball is full size with a diameter of approx 7 cm (although cricket ball size is often given as a circumference - between 210 and 225 mm)

The companion wickets trophy shown below is rippled olive ash with a padauk ball. Both trophies are designed to take engraving plates which the club intends to affix.

A gallery of all versions of cricket trophies is available.

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