Chisel trophies

Chisel trophy
Chisel trophy awarded to the best technology student of the year
Guide Price: £25 - £35
Availability: Commission
Wood: Walnut, amazaque, bubinga - various available

Size. Base:

approx 8" x 3"

2" overall

Reference TR101 and more
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Description of work

Chisel awards were originally turned as awards for school Design Tecihnology students, but other people have found different uses for them, including connections with the alternative definition of a chiseller.

They are always turned from a single piece of timber, usually an exotic (imported) variety, with the blade cut roughly to shape before the handle is turned, then finished on a belt sander. They are then glued on to plinth of a lighter colour, to allow for an inscription to be burnt on. Some have inscriptions on both sides of the plinth.

All are finished with three coats of wax - starting with Tripoli to give a smooth finish, then white diamond, and finally carnauba wax, a hard wearing palm oil derivative which gives a very high shiny polished surface.

Related examples are shown below, and more are on a chisel gallery page.

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Chisel trophy
Two chisel trophies, inscribed on both sides of the plinth


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Chisel trophy
A retirement gift for Nick, who apparently was a champion chiseler in the slang sense of the word


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