Celebration Evening

Individual school trophies
44 trophies created for Malton School's 2013 celebration evening
Guide Price: £10-£50
Availability: Commission
Wood: Ash, beech, sycamore, walnut, yew.
Size 5" to 12"
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Description of work

Most of these trophies are made to give to annual winners of subject or school prizes. The large candle and the glass trophy are perpetual trophies that remain in school, with the winners' names added each year. This is the collection for 2013, the biggest yet, with some prizes being split between two winners, and the addition of a Religion and Philosophy prize, and a Modern Languages prize. For the first time three maths puzzles have been made - in the past the maths winners have been bought a maths puzzle of some kind, but without any inscription.

The bulk of the individual trophies are circular discs, 4" - 6" in diameter, with an enamel school badge, and winners' details pyrographed on. A few are more subject specific, such as the cricket awards, the Design Technology chisel, and the geography, English and house awards. Three gift pen sets were also made this year for some special awards.

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