Airsports Trophy

Air sports trophy
Trophy for the first flight by paraglider around the shores of Rutland Water
Guide Price: £50 - £60
Availability: Commission
Wood: Oak, spaele

8" diameter

12" high

Reference TR193
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Description of work

This trophy was commissioned to act as an award for the firt person to complete a circuit of Rutland Water by paraglider. A feat as at January 2017 still not achieved. It is turned from oak, with an outline map of Rutland county added between the base and the top disc, cut from sapele. The bird in the centre is an osprey, requested as part of the commission. Also the man buying th trophy, Hugh, requested that the trophy could hold a horseshoe that he wanted to add himself - this fist on the flat surface of the disc. He sent a paper template to ensure the dimensions all matched as I turned the trophy (see below). The flat surface would also accommodate engraving shields if that was desired by other customers.


The trophy is finished with three coats of wax - Tripoli first, then white diamond, and finally carnauba wax. This leaves a hard wearing high gloss sheen on the wood.


This is an example of how a basic design of a disc on a plinth can be adapted to suit a particular request. This version has a round plinth, others have rectangular versions or none at all. There are many other disc based desings that can be used as a starting point - for example the Roseland trophies, the orienteering trophies, the Sue Blower trophies (which take small engraving shields), and the individual disc trophies.



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