Young Inventors Prize The Roche School

Young Inventors trophy
Screwdrivers, soldering iron with plug, reel of solder, nut and bolt - some of the tools for a young inventor
Guide Price: £65 - £80
Availability: Commission
Wood: Spalted beech


7" x 9"
Reference TR203
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Description of work

A request from Ali for a trophy to be presented to the Young Inventors of the school resulted in this collection of objects resting on a plinth. In the end the dedication was changed from young inventors to The Perry Prize for Creativity. Elements are mainly turned from spalted beech and include two screwdrivers in a rack, a soldering iron with plug (and leather cord wire), and threaded nut and bolt - in box, used because a tight grain was necessary for the screw thread to be well defined. The plinth is also spalted beech.

Each element was sealed with cellulose sealer and then three coats of wax were applied - Tripoli first, then white diamond and finally carnauba wax, a hard wearing, high sheen palm oil derivative.

The point within the range for the guide price for trophies similar to this one will obviously reflect the type of objects and level of detail required. And also the amount of pyrography involved in any inscriptions.

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