Linguist of the Year Award

Linguist of the Year trophy
Linguist of the Year trophy for Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Alford, in Lincolnshire.
Guide Price: £35 - £50
Availability: Commission
Wood: Elm

10" dia

Reference TR169
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Description of work

This disc trophy was made for Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School. Alford (Lincolnshire). It is turned in elm, but with a 2 inch centrepiece in sycamore. The elm has swirling grain patterns and colour, whilst the sycamore has a tight even grain which allows fine detail in the pyrography, necessary to execute the school coat of arms.

Being a fairly large diameter, the disc needed a plinth, on to which it has been pegged and glued. A supporting peg has also been employed - see the picture below. If you are considering a similar trophy, I would recommend a plinth unless you want it to hang on a wall. An alternative is to place the disc on a plate stand, but then this is two pieces, making it more difficult to present easily.

The price range above reflects different options. £35 for a straightforward disc with minimal writing. Add £5 for a plinth. Add another £5 to £10 for detailed pyrography such as a coat of arms or a lot of text.

A smaller disc trophy was also made for the school, pictured in the middle below.

The piece is finished to a high polish with three coats of wax: Tripoli wax followed by white diamond, then lastly a very hard palm oil derivative, carnauba wax.


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