Golfing memorial trophy

Memorial golf cup
Pyrographed oak cup presented as a memorial to Jim Miller
Guide Price: £145
Availability: Commission
Wood: Oak
Size 7" x 14"
Reference TR235
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Description of work

This trophy was turned from a beam of oak, in four pieces, joined together with mortice and tenon and dowelled joints.

It is one of the largest trophies I have made, standing at fourteen inches tall. Requested by Charles as a memorial for Jim Miller, 1936 - 2017. It is in essence a scaled up version of the Citizenship cu shown below.

Thepyrography encircles the cup, reading "The Jim Miller Memorial Trophy". The base will have engraving plaques fitted to it by the golf club.

The trophy is finished with three coats of wax - Tripoli, white diamond, and finally carnauba, giving it a high sheen, hard wearing finish.

A gallery of different cups is available.

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