Orienteering Trophy

Trophy for the Royal Marines orienteering championship in February 2016
Duke of Edinburgh Trophy
Guide Price: £40 - £55
Availability: Commission
Wood: Ash
Size Disc

6" dia x 1.5"

6 x 2"

Reference TR195
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Description of work

This trophy was commissioned by Denefield School in Reading in March 2017. It is turned from ash, with the centre taken from an orienteering compass. It is dowelled and glued to an ash plinth so that the whole is a single piece - less chance of either part being dropped when presented. The plinth is quite high to allow a 6 x 2" engraving plaque to be mounted on it by the school. to record annual winners. The school specifically asked for Arial font for the writing, to match their house style. This is burnt on using pyrography.

Other options are shown below. Should anyone want a similar trophy based on this design, a rough indication of pricing would be the disc with some pyrography, £35 - £40, add £10 for the plinth, and £5 - £10 for a compass or other centrepiece, possibly a pyrographed badge or symbol. The plinth could also have lettering on if desired. This one has a curved back, but it could be flat to allow annual winner's shileds to be fixed on.

The first trophy below was commissioned for the Northern Orienteering Championships M-80 winner - that is, the over 80 mens age group. Yes, over 80's - for those of you that do not know, orienteering involves running around woods and forests to find "controls" using a detailed map. The heavily grained ash wood was chosen to mirror the contours on the maps. An orienteering compass was added in the centre of the trophies, and because it has no plinth, a wire stand was provided to rest it on. It is possible to plane a small flat surface on the base of the disc for it to stand on.

The Brian Croucher Award was aimed more at outdoor pursuits than orienteering, commemorating an expedition to climb the high mountains on Britain in 1973, including Ben Nevis.

There are pictures of more disc-shaped trophies on a gallery page.


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