Malton School Celebration Trophies 2014

Each November Malton School celebrates the work and life of the school and its students over the previous twelve months. There are a number of awards for performance in, and contribution to, different subject areas. Each has a perpetual trophy, kept in school, and an individual trophy, which the students take away and keep. I have been making these for some years now. There were 42 made this year. 23 of these were my standard disc design, but others were more individual. Some photographs are below.

Candle holder
A candle and holder turned from yew. This reflects the main perpetual trophy. Size: 4.5 x 8" Guide price £20 - 25


Yew - TR134

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School trophies
42 trophies were made this, including 2 new perpetuals - the IT award, and the Alex Joannidis Memorial Prize.

2014 Trophies

Mainly oak and elm

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Wooden cricket trophy
Best young cricketer of the year, in memory of J V Wilson. In ash, with the ball in padauk.. Size: base 5 x 2", 6" high. Guide price £25


Ash and padauk - TR135

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Chisel trophy
I don't know whether they still use chisels in Design Technology, but this is my standard award for this subject over a number of year now. In walnut, on an acacia base. Size: 7.5 x 2 x 1.5" Guide price £25

design technology

Walnut and acacia - TR136

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Wooden trophies
3 examples of the 23 trophies made in this disc style this year. In oak and elm. Size: 5" dia. Guide price £15 - £20

Davina Kirk award and others

Elm and oak - TR137

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English Literature trophy
An oak base and lectern, with acacia book resting on top. Size: base 2.5 x 3" 6" high. Guide price: £20


Oak and Acacia - TR138

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Food technology trophy
A beech rolling pin on a spalted beech plate. The plate allows for the enamel shield to be placed. Size: Plate 4.5" pin 8". Guide price £20

Food technology

Beech and spalted beech TR139

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Turned wooden geography trophy
Awarded in memory of former headmaster, George Hanson. The globe is turned from spalted beech to give a mapping effect. The rest is oak. Guide price £25 - £30 Size: base 3.5 x 3" 7" high.

HANSON geography prize

Oak and spalted beech TR140

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Carved history trophy
Awarded in memory of former history and geography teacher, David Lloyd. I thought a crown, sword and book were appropriate symbols for the subject. Size: 3.5 x 2". Height 7". Guide price £25

David lloyd history prize

Beech and acacia - TR141

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House cup
The main house cup is a silver cup, awarded to the student who collects the most house points in a year. This wooden version is given to the student to keep. Size: 3.5 x 4" Guide price: £20 - £25.

house cup

Walnut and sycamore TR142

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Information technology trophy
An acacia iphone sits on an oak plinth, with cane wiring to acacia earplugs. Size: base 7 x 2.5" 7" high. Guide price £50

Information technology prize

Oak, acacia and cane

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Information technology hand made trophy
A fanciful oak shape holding an Athlon CPU - I'm not really sure why the shape fits the subject, but there wasn't enough time to try others. Size: 4.5 x 1.5", 6" high. Guide price: £20

information technology prize

Oak, (with CPU) TR143

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Circular tangram maths puzzle
Circular tangram maths puzzles as prizes for the UK Maths competition winners in three age categories. Size: 7" dia. Guide price £25 each.

maths prizes

Sycamore, beech, mahogany, sapele - TR144

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Circular tangram maths puzzle
An example of one of the many shapes that can be made by the pieces

senior maths prize

Sycamore and sapele - TR145

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Turned wooden Maths trophy
The perpetual shield which records each year's winners. A new pentagon is added each year.

maths trophy

Sycamore -TR120

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Hand carved music trophy
Two mirror image lutes were turned from a single piece, split into two and mounted on this spalted elm base.Size: base 4.5 x 3", 7" high. Guide price: £25

music prize

Spalted elm - TR146

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Hand carved music trophy
A second view of the music trophy.Size: base 4.5 x 3", 7" high. Guide price: £25

music prize

Spalted elm - TR146

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Turned wooden pens
Pens turned from rippled ash, in a presentation case. Guide price: £18

HEAD's special awards

Rippled ash - TR147

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Talent Show trophy
Composite wood microphones - ebony, elm and ash - on elm stands. A pair because the winning act was a duo.Size: base 3.5 x 0.75", 6" high. Guide price: £25 - £30 each


Elm, ash, ebony, cane - TR148

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Memorial Trophy for Creative Writing
A trophy for first presentation next year - in memory of former Head of English Alex Joannidis. Size: base 47 x 2.5", 8" high. Guide price: £50 - £60


Oak and acacia - TR149

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