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Niddy Noddy
Niddy noddy - for winding hanks of wool
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Wood: Ash


3' x 1'

Reference PY111
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Description of work

An unusual looking item. This is a slice of ash, with bark left intact, smoothed on one side and sealed to reveal the interesting grain patterns so characteristic of ash. A former colleague who was getting married had the idea that all the guests at her wedding should sign their names on a piece of wood, for them to keep. I sent her to choose a sutiable piece from Snainton Woodworking Supplies, and she brught back this piece of ash. I then sanded it and rounded it and sealed it, after having pyrographed the centre with the inscription Kim and Jayson, 28th May 2016.

The piece is quite large - abour three feet long, and over a foot wide. Its shape was dictated by the shape of the plank that was available.

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