Peg loom

Peg loom
two foot long peg loom for hand weaving wool.
Guide Price: £30 - £40
Availability: Commision
Wood: Pine


2 x 2 x 24"

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Description of work

A former colleague of mine is very interested in weaving and all things woollen. She asked if I could make a peg loom - a long post with about 30 small dowel pegs inserted in holes. This is set up with wool and used to weave cloth. She provided me with a model to copy, so I duly obliged. The picture shows the original at the front and my copy to the rear.

The loom was made from pitch pine, actually an old stair post that I happened to have that i cut down to size. The pegs are 12mm pine dowels. A hardwood version could be made, but this would of course add to the price, particularly if the dowels were to be hardwood as well. Hence £30 for the pine version, rising to £40 for a hardwood (probably mahogony or sapele) version.

The main body was waxed. The pegs were left untreated, to provide a little grip. They could be waxed if desired.

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