Communion tray

Altar Cross
Communion tray for forty communion wine glasses
Guide Price: £85
Availability: Commission
Wood: Oak


42 x 20 cm

Reference OT111
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Description of work

This communion tray was commissioned by Caton baptist church who wanted a near duplicate of a tray they already have. The tray is designed to hold forty small communion wine glasses.

The entire piece is made from part of a single plank of oak, planed and smoothed to size and shape. The handle was turned to match an existing brass handle on the originial tray. Other turning was carried out, to provide four barrel shaped spacers between the top and bottom layer, and four button feet underneath

Variations on this idea are possible, and would reduce the price. For example a sinlge layer tray would work well if the layer was a little thicker, in order that the bottom of the glasses do not protrude. Probably £60. A circular tray would also be possible. Probably £50 - £60, dependent on the type of handle and the diameter of the tray. If you are interested in something like this do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

The piece is finished with three coats of wax - tripoli, white diamond and carnauba - and buffed to a high sheen. An alternative finish would be oil and beeswax, which would give more of a matt finish.

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