Mouse boxes

Wooden Mice
Turned wooden mice in yew and laburnum
Guide Price: Mice £7, box £15 - £25
Availability: Sold
Wood: ash, bubinga, oak


4" x 4"
Reference OR140
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Description of work

These little mice are based on a design in Turning Vintage Toys by Chris Reid (GMC Publications). They are turned from ash, bubinga and oak, with matching boxes to nest in. Their ears and tails are leather, their eyes are turned from African blackwood. They were made following a request from Paul in Harrow, who specified pink ears, pink tail, cylindrical boxes and ears and tail popping up through the box lid. The bases of the mice and the boxes are pyrographed with inscriptions for Paul's granddaughters.

The bubinga box had some oak inlaid into the base to allow the pyrography to contrast with the wood - bubinga being a little too dark for pyrography.

Box prices vary according to type of wood, any pyrography, size, ears and tails adding.

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Wooden mice
The inside of the boxes were lined with pink felt to keep the mice cosy, though this was not attached in any way, to allow alternative colours or no felt at all.


Spalted ash

Mice in boxes
The bases are inscribed with pyrography. Dedications to three granddaughters.


Spalted ash, bubinga, oak

Turned wooden mice
Turned wooden mice in yew.



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