The Strategy of the Genes

genetics chess set
Symbolic chess set representing genetic DNA codes a c g and t.
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This was a one off

Availability: This was a one-off
Wood: Walnut and ash

Pieces 55 - 72mm

Board 500mm

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Description of work

This "chess set" was designed by sculptor Penelope Kay for the Royal Edinburgh hospital. It is based on shapes created by revolving four Calibri font letters - a c g t - through 360 degrees, sweeping out the shapes shown. The four letters represent the four types of base found in a DNA molecule - adenine (a), cytosine (c), guanine (g), and thymine (t). They are made in walnut and ash, and finished with a matt oil finish.

The board is made from sixteen 11 cm ash squares, which have been stained red, yellow, green and blue, with alternating grain patterns showing through the stain. These were fixed to a backing board, and then surrounded with a stout ash frame. The whole was finished with oil. Penelope named the work The Strategy of the Genes.

The whole is obviously a one-off production, as it is unlikely that I would be commissioned to realise such a project again.



Chess piece designs
Drawings for the shape of the chess pieces