Burr oak chunky cheeseboard

Burr oak cheeseboard
Large burr oak bowl
Guide Price: £40 board
£12 knife
Availability: Commission subject to availability of burrs
Wood: Burr oak
Size 12" dia by 2" high
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Description of work

This is a large, chunky chesseboard turned from oak burr. just over 12" diameter and 2" high, making it quite a heavy piece.

Burrs are formed when unnatural twiggy growth spurts from the main trunk or a bough, usually as a result of some damage or stress. This creates numerous pips and knots tightly packed together, and also causes the wood to crack when it dries. The relatively small cracks caused by the burr in this wood have been filled (with oak filling from the same piece) to remove the possibility of food becoming ladged in them.

The knife handle is turned from a piece of oak to match, and has a Sheffield stainless steel blade.

Should you be interested in purchasing a similar board (this one is not currently for sale), supply is subject to availability of burrs, and of course the patterning is subject to what turns up once the burr is turned. At present I do have a couple of similar pieces from the same tree, with their secrets yet to be revealed.

This bowl is finished with mineral oil, leaving a matt sheen rather than a high polish. It is completely food safe. Once in common use, a little olive oil applied occasionally keeps the rich colouring of the wood alive.


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