Roof boss and finial for summerhouse

Roof boss for an octagonal summerhouse
Guide Price: £30-£35
Availability: Commission
Wood: Oak burr or cedar

Size: height


6", 10"

8" dia.

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This roof boss is a decorative item turned for the apex of an octagonal summerhouse roof. The summerhouse was bought in self-assembly kit form, and included an 8" diameter piece of plywood to screw into the apex inside, to cover where all the roof panel beams join up. I thought a turned boss would be a little more attractive. The wood is burr oak, giving it the marked patterning. It was finished with mineral oil and beeswax.

The summerhouse also had an acorn finial, to rest on top of a circular disc which was just made from a ring screwed to a disc. Again I thought I could turn something a little more shapely, so I kept the acorn but made a rounded base from cedar wood. All painted to match the summerhouse - see pictures below.

I have made both of these items on request from other people, turned in untreated cedar ready for painting.

At the same time many years ago (1995) I built an octagonal pergola from tanalised timber, using a design from a BBC garden design book by Geoff Hamilton. The framework, being tanalised, is still fine, but the plywood disc screwed into the apex has rotted away with all the ivy that has grown over the structure. For now I have replaced it with an oak boss (see below). Perhaps it would be better stained green to match the trellis. To ponder.

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