Egg boxes

Wooden eggs
Hollow wooden eggs in different timbers
Wooden eggs
Hollow wooden eggs in different timbers
Guide Price: £18 - £30
Availability: Commission
Wood: Bubinga, spalted beech, olive ash


3" x 5"
Reference BX126 - 9
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Description of work

These eggs fits the woodturning description of a "box" because they are hollow, and have a base and a lid. They are different experiments with the basic idea - different centres, flattened bases to stand on, and one with an integral egg cup to sit in.

As with most of my boxes, the "lid" (the top of the egg) is a push fit on the base.

Price within the range suggested depends on the choice of wood (bubinga is the most expensive), the size, and how the inside is opened out - a true egg shell, or a cylindrical hole, for example.

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