Yew dishes

Three yew dishes
Small shallow yew bowls - for coins or keys?
Guide Price: £12 - £15 each
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Wood: Yew


5" x 2"
Reference BL125
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Description of work

Three bowls turned to retain the natural edge of the yew log from which they were cut. They are approximately 5" diameter, and a couple of inches in height. They are turned with the endgrain visible - that is, the grain is vertical rather than horizontal. All have the characteristic variety of grain pattern and markings normally associated with yew.

Other sizes and profiles are possible dependent on the logs which might be available. A deeper version is below.

These bowls are finished with three coats of wax - Tripoli to start, then white diamond, and finally carnauba wax, a hard wearing palm oil derivative which gives a high sheen and a durable surface.

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yew dishes
Small shallow yew dishes - for coins or keys perhaps

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Small deeper yew bowl - for coins or keys perhaps

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