Small oak offcut bowls

Hollow form and bowl
Oak hollow form and bowl
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Wood: Oak


3" x 2"
Reference BL118
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Description of work

All these bowls are turned from offcuts of oak ceiling beams, given to me by a friend who is renovating a house. Being the end of beams, there were some checks (splits) in the wood. These have been left untreated and unfilled as part of the character of the pieces. One has a knot hole in it (left unfilled).

The shallow bowl in the centre has a knot at one side, with rays fanning out from it across the bowl. They may possibly develop into cracks in the future as the bowl settles, but at the moment they just provide a pleasant decorative pattern.

These bowls are finished with mineral oil then beeswax, leaving a matt sheen rather than a high polish.

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