Large shallow burr oak bowl

Burr oak bowl
Large burr oak bowl, 16 inches diameter (320mm)
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Wood: Burr oak
Size 16" dia by 3" high
Reference BL121
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Description of work

This is a large bowl turned from an even larger oak burr. about 16" diameter and 3" high. With a wall thickness of about 1", this is quite a deliberately heavy, chunky piece.

Burrs are formed when unnatural twiggy growth spurts from the main trunk or a bough, usually as a result of some damage or stress. This creates numerous pips and knots tightly packed together, and also causes the wood to crack when it dries. No attempt has been made to fill the cracks, which have been left to retain the natural patterning of the wood. This one is from an oak felled in North Yorkshire.

Should you be interested in purchasing this bowl then it is available. but subsequently supply is subject to availability of burrs, and of course the patterning is subject to what reveals itself once the burr is turned. It may be possible to source something similar.

This bowl is finished with mineral oil and beeswax, leaving a matt sheen rather than a high polish.

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