Shed sign Shed sign
Reversible garden shed sign in beech

Reversible garden shed sign

30 December 2014

A request for a reversible garden shed sign resulted in this item turned from beech and pyrographed. More ...

Spoons spatula and spurtle Spoons spatula and spurtle
Prizegiving trophies

Spoons spatula spurtle

29 December 2014

Two different shaped spoons. a spatula and a spurtle all turned and shaped for the kitchen from beech. They all fit in a pot, turned in spalted beech, giving some striped patterning. The spoon is about 11" long, the pot about 7" high. More ...

Wooden toy iron
Toy iron in beech

Toy iron

29 December 2014

An experiment in making a toy iron for my granddaughter from wood. The 'iron' part of this item is turned from a single piece of beech, with no additional shaping beyond cutting out the iron template. The handle was then added with shaped dowels.

An ironing board is in production, but is not yet in a satisfactory state.

Masonic gift gavel and block
Prizegiving trophies

Celebration trophies for 2014

19 November 2014

42 trophies for the annual Celebration Evening for at Malton School. A range of individual trophies for different subject categories, to be presented to the winners on 20 November. All kinds of wood used, but mainly local oak and ash. More ...

; Masonic gift gavel and block
Gavel and block in acacia

Gavel and block

13 November 2014

A presentation gift of a gavel and block, made for a mason at Beeleigh Abbey Lodge in Maldon. Both items were made from acacia wood, which as well as being hard and tightly grained, has symbolic significance for the masons. The gavel and block have been pyrographed with the Lodge coat of arms, date, name and dedication. . More ...

Ash hedge escape Levisham
An ash tree, cut back over years in line with the hawthorn hedge it invaded, has finally found its freedom and reaches upwards. Levisham Moor, May 2014.

Ash tree

12 October 2014

Wood turning or gardening? My interest in wood extends beyond turning it. I enjoy photographing unusual trees or features when out and about. This one is an ash tree that has been restricted in a farm hedge over many years, then the hedge has grown wild and the ash tree has finally reached for the sky. More ...

Yew mice

Yew mice

30 September 2014

These little mice are just a couple of inches long (excluding tails!) and are turned from yew branches. Their eyes are turned from partridge wood (because I had some spare), and their ears and tails are from a leather tool apron that I rarely used. They are based on a design by Chris Read in Turning Vintage Toys.

Large burr oak bowl

Large burr oak bowl

22 September 2014

Another burr oak bowl turned recently (click the picture for more). This one is about 12 inches in diameter and is 2 inches tall. It has a wall thickness of about 1/4 of an inch, so is quite chunky. The burr figuring is quite strong on the rim of the bowl.

Large burr oak bowl

Large burr oak bowl

29 August 2014

One of a number of burr oak bowls and boards turned recently (click the picture for more). This one is over 12 inches in diameter and is 5 inches tall. It has a wall thickness of about 3/4 of an inch, so is quite heavy. The figuring is very intense, causing lots of cracks, which have been left as part of the natural beauty of the bowl.

Large burr oak bowl

Burr oak chunky cheeseboard

18 August 2014

A chunky cheeseboard, turned from some delightful burr oak which has recently become available. This board is 12 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick. The knife has an oak handle to match, with a Sheffield stainless steel blade.

St Peter and St Pauls church, Pickering

Pickering church

17 July 2014

A commemorative platter to mark the retirement of a friend, a maths teacher well known for his many catch phrases used to help students remember mathematical facts and theories. The picture is of St Peter and St Pauls church, Pickering, as seen from the grounds of Lady Lumley's School, where he worked for 32 years.

Carved wooden golf trophy

ATC cricket trophy

14 July 2014

This cricket trophy was made for the Army Training Centre at Pirbright in Surrey. It has an oak base, with ash wickets and bails, and the ball is turned from an African hardwood, padauk, chosen for its reddish orange colouring. I have managed to get a fairly realistic looking seam and some stitching on the ball this time. The army badge has been pyrographed and its background painted red, and then two cross swords havebeen turned and added behind the shield. I enjoyed this one.

Carved wooden golf trophy

Cake stands

21 May 2014

This trio of cakestands was made for ABC Creative Cakes in Norton, Malton, who specialise in decorative cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. They are each turned in three pieces - base, spindle and top - from ash. The rolling pin was an added extra, made from a small offcut of wood I happened to have spare that just seemed to suit a small rolling pin.


Carved wooden golf trophy

Golf trophies

20 May 2014

A winner's trophy and two runners-up trophies for a two-day golf tournament organised by Poynton Workmen's Club Golf Society. The main trophy is made from a variety of woods - ebony, acacia, walnut, elm, rippled sycamore, and spalted beech. The smaller ones are spalted beech. All three are pyrographed with club titles and badge. The trophies were sponsored by Poynton joiners and builders, Ken Wood and Son.


Pyrographed dog portrait

Bodhi - enlightened pug

7 April 2014

A pyrographed sycamore platter of my niece's little pug dog, when he was a puppy.

The platter is quite large at about 12 inches in diameter, with some interesting figuring on the rim, but a clear centre. The rich golden colour was enhanced with mineral oil and then beeswax.


hollow form

Olive ash hollow form

2 March 2014

A decorative hollow form. Too high to be a bowl, but not high enough to be a vase. The piece is turned from olive ash - that part of an ash tree in its centre that is much darker than the normal, with dark stripes resembling those of the olive tree.

The piece is for no particular purpose - a nicely patterned blank that lent itself to this shape and size.



English oak cheeseboard

28 February 2014

A simple functional cheeseboard, with minimal decoration. An inch and a half thick, and about twelve inches in diameter, the board has a good solid feel to it.

The knife handle is oak to match, and the blade is Sheffield stainless steel .


Oak burr wall clock

English oak wall clock

21 February 2014

A 12" wall clock with a 6" dial, turned from a piece of oak burr which has some pleasant figuring in it. The clock is surrounded by beading and a bevelled margin.


A Round Tuit
To help you do all those jobs you need to do - when you just need to "Get a Round Tuit"

A Round Tuit

8 February 2014

A handy little coaster that will help with all the jobs you need to do, but somehow don't find the time. How often have you thought you would do something, and you must "get a round tuit"? Well here is the answer - a round tuit. Made from ash.

Food Technology Trophy

Roseland Food Trophy

26 January 2014

Parcelforce managed to break the original version of this trophy in transit to my customer, so I re-made it. Compared to the version below (12 December 2013) this one has a knife turned and carved from acacia. I felt this was more in keeping with the scoop and the plinth which are also acacia, so at least some good came from the breakage. Must use more bubble wrap.

Peacock Row, Robin Hood's Bay

Peacock Row

22 January 2014

Pyrographed rendition of a picture of Peacock Row, Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire. Just one of the many narrow alleyways that snake all around the seaside village, once you stray slightly off the tarmac road that leads down to the bay.

The pyrography is done on a block of sycamore, approximately 7" x 12" x 1.5" . No woodturning involved in this one.

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Dibber and tamper
Dibbers and tamper in oak

Dibbers and tamper

29 December 2014

A venture into garden implements. A large dibber, marked with rings spaced an inch apart as a depth guide. A small dibber or 'widger', for seedlings, and a pot tamper for settling the soil in pots when sowing seeds. This one has a 3 inch diameter (about 7.5 cm). All are turned from oak, and finished with a coating of mineral oil.

More ...

Mistletoe at Baddesley Clinton
A clump of mistletoe in the orchard at Baddesley Clinton

Mistletoe at Baddesley Clinton

29 December 2014

I thought I would add a seasonal picture - a large clump of mistletoe growing on an apple tree at the National Trust's Baddesley Clinton House, near Stratford. Spotted on a visit in June earlier this year.

More ...

Oak burr Wallington Hall Sambucus nigra pyramidalis
Oak burrs in abundance on a tree trunk in Wallington Hall woods, Northumberland.

Oak burrs and knarled bark

The knarled bark of Sambucus Nigra Pyramidalis - an elderberry variety
12 October 2014

Gardening or woodturning? I spotted these trees in the woods by the path to the walled garden at Wallington Hall, in Northumberland. The bark is Sambucus Nigra Pyramidalis - a variety of elderberry. The oak tree had a wealth of burrs which one day may make fine bowls. More ...

Starlings bathing
Starlings enjoying an afternonn splash in the bird bath

Starlings bathing

29 August 2014

The bird bath is proving very popular, particular with young delinquent starlings which gather in numbers to splash frantically. This means the bath needs refilling every day, as they splash most of the water away. They seem to know when fresh water has been provided for them.

Peacock butterfly on buddleia
Peacock butterfly feeding on the buddleia bush

Buddleia with peacock butterfly

27 August 2014

The buddleia bush is living up to its butterfly bush name again, with peacock, tortoiseshells and commas the main visitors, though cabbage white and brimstone also put in appearance. This bush was cut back to within 6 inches of the ground in spring. It took a little longer to flower, but it is thriving.

Box hedging
Acorn posts

Potager with posts

Posts with acorn finials
Acorn finials around the vegetable potager

Acorn finials

20 July 2014

Turning and gardening come together. 8 acorn finials were turned from oak, to go around the small vegetable plot we have (potager to give it its posh name). The finials were stained and placed on 3" square tanalised posts.

Box hedging
Box hedging

Scottish pebbles

Scottish pebbles
Scottish pebbles

Scottish pebbles

20 June 2014

The pebbles laid, front and rear. I chose Scottish pebbles - a large rounded selection with varied colouring when wet, though a little white at the moment when dry. The dust should gradually wash off them.

Box hedging
Lime pollard. Of a tree around 30 years old.

Lime pollard

11 April 2014

A lime that has been with us since we arrived was exceeding its limits, casting a lot of shade, and not looking too healthy with lots of branch ends dying off, I think through lack of water. So we called in the tree services of David Bayes, who pollarded the tree, cutting back with some care to try and keep a shape, and keep all the ends of the branches a similar diameter. A few logs for the stove were one result of the operation.

Box hedging
Box hedging

Box hedging

30 March 2014

One more step in the regeneration of the area that used to be a holly bed. Box hedging has been planted, which hopefully will grow into a pattern of four quarters, with a cross path left between the quarters. The final step, apart from the hedging growing, will be to put gravel down.

Compost sifting

Compost sifting

20 February 2014

Three or four years of compost have built up in the compost bin. A mild winter seemed a good time to tackle moving it and starting afresh. So I have been sifting barrow after barrow load, spreading this over the beds in the garden, and piling the rougher stuff up to go back in the new heap. Once sifted, this is a dark brown crumb-like material similar to what you might buy in a bag from a garden centre. Only this is free.

Bird bath

Plain and simple bird bath

2 February 2014

Enough dry weather this year to allow me to dig over the bed from where I had removed all the holly bushes last year. It has been something of a dumping ground for soil and rubble from the summerhouse and path clearance. Now a new Hamac Plain and Simple bird bath is installed and the heavy clay soil is levelled out. Awaiting box planting around it.

Front garden gates

Diamond bar gates

26 January 2014

One more step in the regeneration of the front garden. A driveway gate and matching pedestrian gate have been installed - the first time we have had gates at the front in the 28 years we have been here. Duncombe Sawmill provided and installed them. Next is a severe prune of the rear of the privet hedge, encouraging it to grow forward over the wall.

Witch hazel
Witch hazel in winter flower

Witch hazel

8 January 2014

Even in the middle of winter something chooses to flower. This witch hazel (Hamemelis) is growing in a pot and this is its first winter in the garden. I have tried twice before to grow one in the garden, but the plants failed to pull through, possibly due to heavy clay and poor drainage. This one is staying in its (large) pot for now,

A most unusual, spidery flower with a surprisingly strong scent which pleasantly catches you offguard at this time of year.


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