Garth End Cottage Garden Talk

My garden talks are usually illustrated with slides, projected from a computer using a data projector.

To give a flavour of what is included, I have uploaded the slides for this talk as pdf files, though in practice they are Powerpoint files. Any animation used does not work, I have split the talk into five chunks to reduce the waiting time when downloading the files to view, and of course there is no commentary, which I provide in person when giving the talk. Some slides do, however, have explanatory annotation on them. The content of the talk does change fairly regularly (as the garden changes).

Despite these limitations, the files should still provide a reasonable idea of what this talk is about.

A garden in Thornton le Dale
Looking up the garden in autumn

Slides 1 to 24

Slides 1 to 24

A dozen recent views of the garden, and two as it was in 1986 and 1987.

Descriptions of the path laying projects, the early days of the vegetable plot, and the start of the development of the rockery.

A gardenin Thornton le Dale
Views of the rockery

Slides 25 to 48

Slides 25 to 48

This starts by continuing the slides about the rockery.

The garage follows, then the drive, re-roofing an outhouse, and finally the bird shed (built from recycled materials.)

A couple of pictures of baskets and wreaths are also included.

A garden in Thornton le Dale
A number of varieties of holly are planted

Slides 49 to 72

Slides 49 to 72

The second set of pictures of Christmas wreaths continues from above.

The remianing slides cover the compost area, tools that I use, and water butts for rain collection.

Also some examples of the topiary specimens developed over the years, and garden seats in place around the garden.

A garden in Thornton le Dale
Foundations for a gazebo overlooking the pond

Slides 73 to 108

Slides 73 to 108

These slides cover the building of the gazebo, and the adjacent pond area, and some of our wildlife visitors.

A selection of slides give examples of recycling materials and items.

Some views of ornamental features.

Finally the construction of the woodland area at the top of our garden.

A garden in Thornton le Dale
Foundations for paths in the woodland garden

Slides 109 to 132

Slides 109 to 132

This collection starts with the completion of the woodland area.

It moves on to look at the rebuilding of the porch.

A brief view of the front garden, before more recent developments.

Finally a selection of pictures of the plants we grow.


The pond in early summer
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