Garden projects

There is day to day garden care - the gentle, enjoyable, pottering around dabbling with regular matters such as weeding, cutting, pruning, digging.

Then there is project work. Even after 27 years working in my garden, there are still major projects that I undertake which change or re-shape a whole area of the garden. Often these are connected so that they are undertaken all together, resulting in the garden suffering upheaval and becoming more akin to a building site than a place of tranquility and form.

Tree felling
A swine to remove, but worth it to reuse the area

Tree felling and uprooting

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Severe hedge pruning

Privet responds well to severe cutting back

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Block paving
New block paving drive laid replacing old tarmac

Block paving drive and paths

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Octagonal summerhouse
A summerhouse for those pleasant but not quite warm enough days


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Malus Sun Rival
Crab apple "Malus Sun Rival" planted in early autumn, to establish over winter

Malus Sun Rival Planting

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Pergola renovation
Pergola overgrown with ivy, renovated with a new roof added

Overgrown pergola

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Box blight clearance
Sever box blight meant taking a light to this box topiary

Potager - box blight clearance

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