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Woodturning diary

Small egg boxes
Three small eggs, hollow and opening to allow small keepsakes .Size: 2 x 2". Guide price: £15 each.

Small egg boxes

22 December 2018

Three small egg boxes - called boxes because they are hollow and can be opened up to put in keepsakes or jewellery. Magnetic snap fit, in olive ash, spalted beech and oak. More about egg boxes.

Tea light holders in wood
A trio of turned tea light holders, in walnut.Size: 2 x 2". Guide price: £15 (for trio).

Walnut tea lights

22 December 2018

A trio of tea light holders, turned from walnut. They have a brass effect metal insert to hold the tea light, which gives a pleasant definition to the top of the holder. These tea light holders are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and different wood. Have a look at the gallery of tea light and candle holders.

Wood mice
Half a dozen small wood mice, in yew, leather and ebony. £7 each.
Mouse and house
Wood mouse with his house. Size: 3 x 3". Guide price: £7 (mouse) + £15 - £25 (for box).

Wood mice in yew

21 December 2018

More mice, no doubt destined to be Christmas presents, requested by Jenny and Nicola. One little fellow has his own box to snuggle up in, made from yew to match.

More about wood mice.

Tower of Hanoi in wood
Hand turned puzzles awared as maths prizes. Size: 4 x 8". Guide price: £35.

Tower of Hanoi puzzles

19 December 2018

Two Tower of Hanoi puzzles, made as prizes for the best performance by students at Malton School in the UK Maths Challenge. This classic puzzle, where rings need to be moved to another peg one at a time, and only smaller on top of larger, is made from walnut, spalted beech and ash.

More about puzzles.

Hand crafted school trophies
A selection of trophies for Malton School Celebration Evening.

Celebration Evening trophies

19 December 2018

Malton School's annual celebration evening at the end of term required 30 trophies this year - one for each subject plus a few others. Here are a selection just before delivery. There is a full gallery of trophies.

Drama and performance trophy
Hand turned trophy for drama and performance. Size: 4 x 10". Guide price: £60 - £75.
drama trophy
Hand turned and pyrographed trophy for drama and performance Size: 4 x 6". Guide price: £25 - £30.

Drama trophy

December 2018

Malton School asked for a new trophy to be presented for work in Drama and Performance. The result was a perpetual cup turned and carved with the classic happy and tragic face masks, and an individual trophy cut, shaped and pyrographed with the same iconic masks.

More about these drama trophies

December 2018

Yarn bowl
Yarn bowl for holding a ball of wool and knitting needles. Guide price £50.
Yarn bowl
Yarn bowl for holding a ball of wool and knitting needles. Guide price: £55

Yarn bowls in spalted ash and olive ash

Millie and Tim each asked for a yarn bowl. The one on the left is spalted ash, and on the right olive ash. Both are a similar size, at about 9 x 4 inches. Slightly different designs for the yarn hole - the Y shape on the left being a little easier to cut than the monkey tail on the right. Both finished in beeswax.
More about yarn bowls.

Ebony door knob
Hand turned door knob in ebony, with beehive patterning. 1 inch diameter Guide price: £10 (each).

Numbered key fobs

December 2018

Hilary asked for seven keyfobs for her bed and breakfast business in Henlow. These are all 2 inches long, with a gold plated keyring fitting on a brass tube that fits through the centre of the wood, and hence is quite robust The acorn cups are achieved by burning small dots into wood. Made from oak, of course. .

More about keyrings and keyfobs

Plinth for statue
A plinth for a small Buddha statue, pyrographed with traditional lotus petals and beading.
Plinth for statue
A plinth for a small Buddha statue, pyrographed with traditional lotus petals and beading.

Plinth for a small statue of Buddha

6 December 18

Mike asked for a plinth for his small Buddha statue to sit on. Made in mahogany.

More about this wooden plinth.

Yarn bowl
Yarn bowl for holding a ball of wool and knitting needles.

Yarn bowl

21 November 2018

Jo asked for a yarn bowl (for holding a ball of wool) based on the shape of the ash bowl made back in June, but in spalted beech. This one is just over 7 inches in diameter, and just under 4 inches high. It is finished in beeswax.

More about yarn bowls.

Ebony door knob
Hand turned door knob in ebony, with beehive patterning. 1 inch diameter Guide price: £10 (each).

Ebony door knob

20 November 2018

We were asked by Jennifer to make 20 small door knobs in ebony with a beehive pattern. They were for bespoke kitchen cabinets, and she wanted them to match a larger (40 mm) knob that was on the main doors. These have a screw insert and screw fitting.

More about these door knobs.

Children's stools
Christening stools with pyrographed sketch and dedications. Guide price: £80 - £100 (each).

Christening stools

19 November 2018

A pair of children's stools requested by Tobina for a double christening to be held at the Tower of London. The sketch of Tower Bridge is a copy of one made by her. The stools are in solid oak, about 9 inches high, with 13 x 9 inches rectangular seats. Finished with beeswax.

More about these children's stools.

Hand turned wooden trophy cup
Trophy cup presented for a cycling competition. Size: 10" high by 7" diameter.

Cycling trophy

2 November 2018

A medium sized cup for Sue, in memory of her husband Terry. This is to be awarded as a cycling trophy - Terry was a forester and loved wood and cycling, so the two come together in this trophy. Made in oak, including some burr patterning, the bowl is 7 inches diameter, the whole cup is just over 10 inches tall. Finished in beeswax.

More about cups and goblets.

Hand turned wooden trophy cup
The house cup, awarded to the student with the most house points in a year. Size: 5 x 5" Guide price £30 - £40
Hand turned wooden trophy plaques
Individual trophy plaques. Size: 5 x 2" Guide price: £20 - 25

School celebration trophies

25 October 2018

Malton School's annual celebration evening for KS3 students took place this week. 27 awards made by us were presented.

More on celebration evening trophies

Hand turned wooden trophy cups
Trophy cup and goblets. Size: goblets 10" high by 3.5" diameter. Large cup 12 x 5"

Presentation cups

24 October 2018

Three cups made for Cornish gig rowers at the Clifton Pilot Gig Club, Bristol. The two goblet style cups are olive ash, approximately 4 x 10", the taller central cup is in oak, 12" tall, with bowl 5" in diameter at the top. They are designed to take engraving plaques on the bases, to be sourced by the customer.

More about cups and goblets.

Hand turned yew mice
More small yew mice, with leather ears and tail and ebony eyes.

Mice in the shavings

15 October 2018

We keep finding mice in the shavings. These 12 little yew mice were requested by Jenny, a year after a similar dozen were posted off to her. Christmas is coming perhaps?

More about mice.

Turned wooden bowls
5 bowls turned from gifts of wood - unusual exotic woods and intriguing British elm and yew. Guide price £20 - 60.


3 October 2018

5 bowls made for the fun of making them, in unusual woods: mopane (I think), afzelia, walnut and yew. The large shallow bowl at the front is 14 inches diameter.

More bowls

Acorn trophy
An acorn trophy inscribed as a gift for a colleague who was leaving. 4" x 9". Guide price £35 - 40.

Acorn trophy

29 September 2018

An acorn trophy to be presented as a gift by Mary to a former colleague on his leaving. It was requested as Mary herself recieved such a trophy from Johnny as a leaving gift back in December 2017.

More about similar acorn trophies.

Poker dice box
Poker dice box in ash, pyrographed with initials. Guide price £30.
Poker dice box
Poker dice box in ash, pyrographed with initials. Guide price £30.

Poker dice box

15 September 2018

A poker dice box made for Arron, with his initials pyrographed on the lid.

More about similar boxes.

Jewellery boxes
Jewellery boxes in sapele, with pyrographed motif. One with an interior tray, one without. Guide price £45 and £55.

Jewellery boxes

12 September 2018

Two lidded jewellery boxes turned from sapele. One has an inside tray, the other not, to give a little more room for items such as necklaces. They are similar rather than matching, with different pyrography designs.

More about similar boxes.

Figurine base
A walnut base for a small vampire figurine. 3 x 3 inch. Guide price £20.

Figurine plinth

7 September 2018

One of our more unusual requests - Rob asked for a plinth to mount his small figurine on. We provided one in walnut, three inches in diameter and just under that in height. The figurine hovers above the base on a matching turned walnut dowel - sort of a stake through the heart? I think he is a die cast resin model called Dimitr von Goray , by Russian sculptor Kiril Kanaev.

More about this wooden plinth.

Wooden keyrings
Acorn keyrings in different sizes and different keyring kits. Those with the pyrographed acorn cup do cost more, as burning the cup pattern does take time! £6, £2.50 and £3.50

Acorn alternatives

2 September 2018

We have had a few requests for acorn keyrings at a lower price than our version based on a tubular key ring kit. Here are a couple of alternatives, just a little smaller but fastened to a keyring via a chain and a screw eye. The middle one is £2.50, the bottom £3.50. The top one is the larger version which has a stud and ring and a tube through its centre - £6.

More about other wooden keyrings.

Acorn finial
An acorn finial in larch and cedar. Guide price £50 - £60

Acorn finial

1 September 2018

Another acorn finial, this time requested by Terry for a summerhouse in Woking, Surrey. This one has the acorn in larch and the base in cedar, and is left untreated for Terry to paint or stain. The acorn is about 9 inches tall, and the base is 11 inches in diameter.

More about other summerhouse finials.

Wooden trophy plinths
Trophy plinths to hold reproduction physicians' mortars (mixing and crushing bowls, as in "mortar and pestle").

Trophy plinths

30 August 2018

Three trophy plinths were requested by Chris in Edinburgh, to form stands for three reproduction physician's mortars. The mortars are dark wood, so hopefully will contrast well with the spalted beech used for these bases.

More about other wooden plinths.

Wooden house sign
Carved oak house number sign. 4" diameter. Guide price: £15 - £20

House sign

27 August 2018

A small house sign for Christine and Mick, who live at - number 103 or course! this sign is an oak disc approximately 4 inches in diameter. The number is carved into the wood and painted black, and then the whole sign has been coated (on both sides) with Osmo oil for protection. Two screw holes are provided for fixing to the wall.

More about other house signs.

Golf trophy base
Trophy plinth for a silver cup. 5" diameter. Guide price £25.
Golf trophy
Silver golf cup, to rest on a walnut trophy base.

Golf cup plinth

25 August 2018

A walnut trophy base for a beautiful silver golf trophy, requested by Graeme in Glasgow.

More on sports trophies and plinths

Wooden mice
Three mice awaiting their journey to a new home in Dorset.

Mice awaiting posting


17 August 2018

Three more little mice have been packed into a box and sent off to a new home, this time requested by Peter in Poole, Dorset.

As with other mice, these are made from yew branches, with turned African blackwood eyes, and natural leather tails and ears.

More on mice.

Orienteering trophies
Two Orienteering trophies for Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society. Junior and senior champions.

Orienteering trophies

14 August 2018

Two trophies for the Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Both are in spalted beech, and show the wide variation in pattern spalting can produce. The acorn is for the junior champion and the circular trophy is for the overall club champion. More on orienteering trophies.

Burr elm bowl
Richly patterned burr elm bowl

Burr elm bowl

7 August 2018

A beautiful piece of burr elm, given to me by John Lund, of Lund Gates, when I visited him and had a look around his Broughton workshops old and new. This is about 9 inches in diameter, 3 inches tall, and just breathes character. Finished with oil and beeswax. More on bowls.

Hand crafted cricket trophy
Sample cricket trophy in oak, ash and padauk. Guide price £60

Cricket trophy

5 August 2018

A cricket trophy made as a promotional piece. It won First Prize in the spindle turning class at Thornton le Dale Show. (The middle yarn bowl below won 2nd prize in the bowl section.) The bails and wickets are olive ash, the base is oak, and the ball is padauk, chosen for its rich red hue. This is now a fairly standard design of mine, in fact one of the first trophies I ever made, and many variations of it have been made over the last ten years. More cricket trophies.

Acorn finial
An acorn finial for a summerhouse. In larch. Guide price £48

Acorn finial

2 August 2018

Mike requested an acorn finial on a base for his summerhouse in Twyford, Berkshire. This one is from a particularly nice piece of tightly grained larch. The acorn is about 9 inches tall, 5 inches in diameter, and stands on a 9 inch base about three inches thick. The base is recessed underneath to allow it to sit on the pointed apex of the summerhouse roof.

More examples of finials.

Oldfern pyrography book
Photobook created to display some of the pyrography work I have done

Oldfern pyrography book

31 July 2018

In preparation for a couple of upcoming demonstrations of pyrography (11 August, Snainton Woodworking Supplies, 19 August, Ryedale Folk Museum) I have created a 32 page A4 photobook showing some of my pyrography work. Cewe have it available for a year on their site: oldfern pyro

Communion plate
9 inch diameter communion plate in oak. Guide price £40

Communion plate

24 July 2018

Brenda also asked for a communion plate, to hold the bread used in the service. This is a 9" diameter platter in oak, with a rim to hold the bread in place. It is finished in a hard wearing, high sheen carnauba wax.

More bowls.

House trophy
Sycamore wall hanging house trophy shield.
House trophy
Sycamore wall hanging house trophy shield. Guide price £55

Sheila Pratt memorial house trophies

17 July 2018

A set of seven house shields, based on the Yorkshire Rose, made for Malton School. One large overall trophy, and then six smaller ones for each year group. More on house trophies.

Cricket trophy
Cricket trophy for Framlingham College. Guide price £60 - £70
Cricket trophy
Cricket trophy for Framlingham College. Guide price £60 - £70
Cricket trophy
Cricket trophy for Hazelwood School. Guide price £60 - £70

4 July 2018

3 cricket trophies for Framlingham College and Hazelwood School. Oustanding U11 bowler and 1sts bowler, and most Improved Senior Cricketer

More on cricket trophies.

Sports trophy plate
Sycamore platter before any pyrography
Sports trophy plate
Sycamore platter with pyrographed inscriptions. Guide price £50 - £60

Cricket trophy plate

4 July 2018

Before and after inscription added to a 12" sycamore plate. The engraving plaques were requested by the customer - they are not actually fixed in place in the picture.

More sports trophies.

School trophy
Primary school trophy in olive ash. Guide price £60 - £70


4 July 2018

A trophy commissioned by Carol McKenzie in Aberdeen, presented to her school on her retirement after 21 years at Kingsford primary school. She had been heavily involved in literacy work at school over the years.

The trophy is in olive ash, with some unusual spalting and burr in the base. The book on the lectern has the inscription "Presented to an outstanding primary 3 pupil by Mrs Carole McKenzie, class teacher 1997 - 2018".

More English trophies.

House sign
Robin Cottage house sign, pyrographed and painted. Guide price £30 - £40

House sign

10 June 2018

An oak house sign, 9 inches diameter, made for my sister's cottage. Designed for hanging outdoors, the writing and the robin are carved into the wood and painted. The whole sign has then been given three coats of Osmo oil finish.

More on this house sign.

Yarn bowl
Yarn bowls for holding knitting in progress.

Yarn bowls

10 June 2018

Three different designs for yarn bowls - for holding a ball of wool and knitting needles. One is in ash, the other two in spalted beech.

More on yarn bowls.

Hollow wooden eggs
Hollow eggs in spalted beech. Freestanding, with a small base flattened out on the bottom of the eggs. Both sold - guide price £25 - £30.

Egg boxes

28 May 2018

Two more hollow eggs, about 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, both in spalted beech. One has a set of 8 pairs of rare earth magnets inset into the rims, which give a tight closure to the box. The other is a standard friction fit.

More on boxes and eggs.

General Knowledge trophy
Science trophy for the department of cell and molecular biology at St Jude's Children's Hospital, Memphis Tennessee.

General knowledge

17 May 2018

Another book on a lectern trophy, this time for Jason at Broomfield House in Kew. It is to be awarded to the winner of the general knowledge competition, with engraving plaques to be added to the plinth.

The trophy is about 7 inches in diameter, and about 10 inches tall.

More on school trophies.

science trophy
Science trophy for the department of cell and molecular biology at St Jude's Children's Hospital, Memphis Tennessee.

Scientific trophy

16 May 2018

Another microscope trophy in burr oak, this time for Ryan at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, St Jude's Children's hospital, Memphis Tennessee.

The trophy is about 6 inches in diameter, and about 10 inches tall.

More on science trophies.

Hollow eggs
Four hollow wooden eggs in Bubinga, Spalted beech and olive ash.

Hollow eggs

15 May 2018

Four eggs. Experimenting with form and shape for Ben, these eggs are about 5 inches tall, are hollowed out, and have a push fit opening. In woodturning terms they are "boxes" .

More about these eggs.

Sessile oak
A fine specimen of Sessile oak at Castle Howard Arboretum

Sessile oak

5 May 2018

Following a visit to the Yorkshire Arboretum at Castle Howard, I have been updating the Woodland section of this site, which includes pictures of trees I have seen growing around the country. There is a page about the Yorkshire Arboretum, and also about Antony House Woodland Garden in Cornwall. There is also a page about burrs (when they are still on the tree).

Ryedale Woodturners
Ryedale Woodturners pyrographed platter

Ryedale Woodturners

19 April 2018

A pyrographed platter advertising our local woodturning club - Ryedale Woodturners. The club meets monthly at Snainton Village Hall, and always welcomes guests and new members to enjoy a woodturning demonstration, usually by a well known professional turner or a visitor from another club. More on pyrographed platter.

More about Ryedale Woodturners.

English literature trophy
Sixth Form English trophy in olive ash. Guide price £80

Literature trophy

18 April 2018

Jo commissioned a large trophy awarded for excellence in Sixth Form English literature. Made on request from olive ash, this stands about 10 inches tall, on an 8 inch diamter plinth. A small enamel pin badge provided by Jo was added.

Finished to a high polish with carnauba wax.

Have a look at more English trophies.

Square bowl
Square ash bowl with wings
Square bowl
Square ash bowl with wings

Square, winged bowl in ash - from the top and underneath

23 March 2018

A square ash bowl, with corners folded down as can be seen in the photos. Finished in oil and beeswax. Why not have a look at a gallery of bowls

Olive ash bowl
Olive ash bowl with knots and holes

Olive ash bowl

23 March 2018

An eleven inch diameter burr olive ash bowl. Simple in shape, with the knots and holes mixing with the olive ash grain in the middle to create a very appealing unique piece of woodturning.

Finished in oil and beeswax.

Have a look at a gallery of bowls.

Wooden bud vase
Bud vase with small alder cones
Wooden bud vase
Bud vase with sprigs of winter heather

Bud vases with alder and heather

20 March 2018

Two small bud vases, displaying small cones of alder, and a few fresh sprigs of winter heather. These are about 4 inches high, in sycamore and spalted beech, and are finished with a high sheen carnauba wax polish.

A gallery of bud vases

Tea light holders
A selection of tea light holders in spalted beech

Tea light holders

18 March 2018

A selection of tea light holders with brass-plated inserts. These are made from spalted beech, and are about 3 inches in diameter, and from 2 to 4 inches tall. They work best in trios, of small, medium and large height.

More about these tea light holders.
Tea light/candle holder gallery.

Hand made Easter bunnies
Samples of turned wooden bunnies.

Four Easter bunnies

15 March 2018

Four little Easter bunnies have popped up. Made from yew with African blackwood eyes and nose, leather ears, and wiry whiskers, just in time for Easter. They are about 3 inches tall, and are the latest creation from Dan.

More about these Easter bunnies.

12 small pegs as samples for a potential art project.

A dozen pegs

9 March 2018

Twelve small pegs about the size of golf tees, made for an artist who is exploring a sculpture with maybe 200 such small pegs. These are in ash or lime, and are simple experiments in shape and form to see what might appeal. Those that are coloured have had woodstain applied to them. All are designed to fit 6mm holes. OT115

Hand made acorn trophy
10 acorn trophies made for Tilhill forestry by Dan Fearnley

Acorn trophies

9 March 2018

Ten acorn trophies made for Tilhill Forestry. Spalted beech has been used in preference to oak for its strong pattern. 3 inch diameter acorns sit on a 4 inch diameter base, and the whole stands about 9 inches tall. Another collection made by my son Dan Fearnley, who recently joined the oldfern brand.

More about acorn trophies

6 March 2018

A message for Jane Pink, regarding you enquiry about pyrography techniques. Could you try again - I have tried to reply but I get an error every time I try to use your email address.

HP Sauce bottle in wood
A wooden HP Sauce bottle for a Derbyshire football club.

HP Sauce Bottle

26 February 2018

Don't ask me why, but Richard folllowed up his request for a champagne bottle with a slightly more everyday object - an HP Sauce bottle. As a result, here is a standard size bottle, based on the classic glass version of the product, in rippled ash with pyrographed labels.


More on this HP Sauce bottle & pyrography

Man of the Match trophy
A Man of the Match trophy for a Derbyshire football club.

Man of the Match

26 February 2018

Richard requested a Man of the Match trophy for his Foxes football club, in the shape of a champagne bottle. He also requested a stand to provide a flat surface for adding annual shields or plaques. The result is this pyrographed rippled ash bottle, resting on an olive ash stand, which has the bark retained on one edge.

More on this bottle trophy & sports trophies

Robin Hood's Bay
Pyrographed view of the Bay Hotel at Robin Hood's Bay.

Robin Hood's Bay

24 February 2018

A platter created as an example of landscape sketch work done for a pyrography demonstration at Snainton Woodworking Supplies on 24 February (it is now for sale). This is the Bay Hotel, the official end of the Coast to Coast walk, on the slipway at the bottom of the village.

More on this Robin Hood's Bay platter

Pyrography sampler
A large pyrography sampler created for a pyrography demonstration day.

Pyrography sampler

24 February 2018

A platter created as a pyrography sampler, made for a pyrography demonstration at Snainton Woodworking Supplies on 24 February 2018. The idea was to show some different lettering styles and sizes, and a little self-indulgent portrait work. Quite a large piece at 14 inches diameter. In sycamore, which gives the best surface and smoothness for detailed pyrography.

More about pyrography.

Maths trophy
A House Maths Champions trophy for Burford School.

House Maths

13 February 2018

Charlotte requested a pentagonal trophy to present annually to the House Maths Champions at her school. Made from rippled sycamore, with pyrographed inscriptions and school badge. The surface of the pentagon is flat, to allow small pentagonal shields to be added, marking the annual champions.

More on pentagon trophies & maths trophies

Turned wooden mice
Tured wooden mice peeping out of their box

Mice peeping

11 February 2018

Three mice peeping out of their box before being posted to Ian in Essex.

Turned in yew with blackwood eyes, leather ears and tail, and about 2 inches long (in the body, excluding the tail).

More about turned yew mice.

Hand made oak communion racks
Communion glass racks in solid oak

A pair of stacking communion trays

10 February 2018

A request from Jean for a pair of oak trays to hold 40 communion glasses each She wanted them to stack, so the handles are different sizes, and there are spacers on one tray to give clearance for the glasses.

More on communion trays..

Spinning tops
A collection of small spinning tops

Spinning tops

8 February 2018

A request from Ian in Essex for spinning tops, for his shop selling "products with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and sustainability".

The tops are made in a variety of timbers and sizes, all individual in their shape and spinning style.

These tops mark a doubling in the oldfern workforce - they were made by my son Dan.

More about these spinning tops.

Scout trophy
A scouting trophy with compass in the centre

Scouting trophy

28 January 2018

A request for a commemorative scouts trophy, in memory of Mark Soames. The disc is a lovely piece of olive ash, the base is ash. The front of the plinth was requested to be 2 inches high, to accommodate brass plaques to be added annually. A standard orienteering compass is fitted in the centre.

More about disc shaped trophies.

Memorial golf trophy
Tall memorial trophy for a golf club

Golf cup

21 January 2018

A request from Charles for a large memorial golf trophy has resulted in this tall cup. Standing at fourteen inches high, it is one of the larger trophies I have made.

In four parts and joined together with mortise and tenon, plus dowels, the whole is made from a single oak beam.

More about this memorial cup, cups generally, sports trophies and commemorative items.

Acorn gift
Salesperson of the Year trophy for Acorn distribution in Indianapolis

Acorn gift

14 January 2018

A request from Daryl for a Salesperson of the Year trophy resulted in this award being made. As the company it is for is called Acorn, it obviously is a suitable subject.

Both base and acorn are made from spalted beech, which gives the marked patterns in the wood. The trophy base is 5" diameter, the whole is 9" tall.
More on acorn trophies.

Music trophy
An inscribed plinth for a brass band figurine. Plinth is 3 inches wide, 5 inches tall.

Brass band trophy

4 January 2018

A brass band in Buxton had a delightful small brass trumpet player figure and wanted a plinth for him to sit on. Together these make a memorial trophy, to be awarded to the Players' Player of the Year, as the pyrographed inscription indicates. The base is made from 3" square spalted beech, rounded with pommels at the top, and resting on a small turned circular base.

More on music trophies and plinths.

More news from

We are increasingly producing items for sale as well as bespoke items made to order. A number of our more popular items are available from stock. Eventually we will have a simple click and pay marketplace shop online. For now, here is a selection of items currently available. Simply email your request and you should receive your order within 3-4 days.

For those looking for the gardening news updates, it is still available from the Garden News Index or the Gardening tab on the menu at the top of the page.

Skeleton clock horse chestnut burr
A skeleton clock nested in a horse chestnut burr

Skeleton clock

Skeleton clock

Skeleton clock in a horse chestnut burr

Size:: 8 x 7 x 2"

Wood:: Horse chestnut

Finish: carnauba wax

Price: £50

Ref: CL 118

Acorn keyrings
Acorn keyrings are generally available from stock; if not they can be made to order within a couple of days.

Acorn keyrings

Acorn keyrings

From top to bottom:

2" long with gold plated ring and stud; pyrographed acorn cup £6

Smaller with antique brass keyring on chain £2.50

Smaller but with pyrographed acorn cup £3.50.

Enquire about these keyrings
Olive ash box
Small box in beautiful olive ash - from the centre of the ash tree. Friction fitting lid.
The box is hollowed out to follow the outside shape. A small rim provides the friction fit.

Olive ash box

Olive ash box

Hollowed box with a friction fit lid

Size:: 3 x 5"

Wood:: Olive ash

Finish: Carnauba wax

Price: £25

Ref: BX100d

Wooden pens
Wooden pens in different woods are always available. Presentation boxes with inscriptions can be provided.

Wooden slimline pens

Wooden pens

Slimline twist action pens.

From top to bottom:

Elm £10, Bocote £12, Ebony £14

Black pen bag £1

Presentation boxes, inscribed with a dedication if required, are also available.
Pyrographed bowl
A small vase like bowl with butterfly motifs

Butterfly bowl

Butterfly bowl

Vase like bowl with pyrographed butterfly motif

Size:: 3 x 5"

Wood:: Sycamore

Finish: beeswax

Price: £25

Ref: BL 100d

Pyrographed box
A small keepsake box decorate with pyrography

Pyrographed box

Box with pyrographed lid

Friction fit box with pyrographed lid

Size:: 2.5 x 4"

Wood:: Oak

Finish: Carnauba wax

Price: £20

Ref: BL 101d

Mice and cheeseboard
Polished yew cheeseboard or food platter, with or without matching mice in yew

Yew mice on a yew cheeseboard or food platter


Size: 2" long

Wood: yew

Finish: carnauba wax

Price: £7 each.

Ash winged bowl
A bowl turned from ash, with corner wings shaped

Square ash bowl

Square winged ash bowl

Ash with knots and spalting stripes

Size: 9 x 9"

Wood: ash

Finish: mineral oil and beeswax

Price: £40

Spinning tops
Spinning tops in a variety of woods are always available

Spinning tops

Spinning tops

Size: 3 x 4"

Wood: oak, spalted beech, purple heart, lime - various

Finish: carnauba wax

Price: £5 each

Turned wooden box
Wooden box with friction fit lid
Turned wooden box
Wooden box hollowed inside to follow the outside profile

Hollowed box

Small box

Friction fit

Size: 4 x 5"

Wood: sycamore

Finish: carnauba wax

Price: £20

Coloured wooden bowl
An ash bowl with colour, the grain picked out in gold

Coloured bowl

Coloured bowl

Stained and grained ash bowl

Size: 5.5 x 2.5"

Wood: ash

Finish: spirit stain, carnauba wax

Price: £25


Bud vase
Tall and slim bud vase

Tall bud vase

Bud vase

Size: 3 x 7"

Spalted beech

Carnauba wax finish


Tea light holders
A selection of tea light holders in spalted beech

Tea light holders

Tea light holders

Size: 2 to 4 inches tall

Spalted beech

Carnauba wax finish

£8, £10, £12. £25 for a trio.


Exotic wood bowl
A bowl turned from very dense exotic wood, probably mopane (gifted to me with no indication of species).

Exotic wood bowl

Exotic wood bowl

Size: 7 x 4 inches tall

Mopane (probably)

Beeswax finish



African wood bowls
A chunky large bowl, with a second bowl made from its core. Afzelia is an uncommon wood from Africa.

African wood bowls

Exotic wood bowls

Size: 10 x 4, 7 x 2.5 inches


Beeswax finish

£60, £20. £70 for the pair


Yew bowl
This bowl is made from an irregular chunk of yew. Size 6.5 x 5" Price: £40.

Yew bowl

Yew bowl

Size: 6.5 x 5 inches


Beeswax finish


More items for sale will appear soon on the oldfern marketplace page.